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Handcrafted 'Fabric Souls' lovingly stitched by Ella Kearvell in rural Somerset...

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'Ella's Handmade Creations' are handcrafted textile dolls, made with an emphasis on recyclability and sustainability. My creations combine my love of animals and costume design, which I studied at Arts University Bournemouth in 2022. Each creation has its own unique character, brought to life in recycled, natural and vintage fabrics, using the combination of machine and hand-stitching.

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"I am absolutely delighted with my Coronation commission piece, thank you so much. The detail and skill is breathtaking. His slippers with CR111 on are adorable. As a military wife, he is the perfect reminder of a special day..."

Helen, Lincolnshire

Sustainability is an important factor in my art practice, using materials and fabrics that work with nature and not against it. I love recycling materials into new creations and upcycling clothes, giving things a second life. Collecting vintage fabrics, clothes and trinkets is a favourite hobby of mine. 

I also love learning about the history of my local area in Somerset, UK. Learning stories about the lives and work of past locals, has given me great inspiration towards my art practice over the years.  


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